Kerry J. Morris for New Mexico Supreme Court Position 2

Voters have a tremendous opportunity in 2022 to elect two candidates, who are committed to upholding the Constitution, to the New Mexico Supreme Court and two to the New Mexico Court of Appeals. If we elect these four Constitutionalist candidates, we will have four conservative voices on the most important courts in our state.  Imagine what that means!  Think of all the issues that may come before the courts that need these Constitutionalist voices.

On the way to the Supreme Court …

I have been a prosecutor for the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office (2nd Judicial District). I prosecuted a wide variety of criminal cases including: narcotics, drunk drivers, fraud, and murder.

Over the last four decades of law practice, I’ve represented thousands of individuals, small businesses, insurance companies, the State of New Mexico General Services Department, and other parties in connection with a wide variety of legal matters including: Accident Cases, Insurance Defense, Probate/Wills/Estate Planning, Real Estate, Conservatorships, Business Law, Construction Law, Consumer Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Legal Malpractice, Libel, Slander and Defamation, Personal Injury, Religious Institutions, Mediation, Workers Compensation, and many more.

Why am I’m running for the New Mexico Supreme Court?

We are living in a world, in which the mediocre are in charge and the talented, the doers, are despised. A society that values so called equity over equality, a society that would give lifesaving medicine not on the basis of need or science but on the basis of skin color. A society in which prosecutors will not prosecute criminals and judges let dangerous criminals roam free without bail.

We conservative  thinkers have an opportunity to change these things, but we are up against a powerful, committed opposition who are well funded and have the support of the media, most major corporations, and a host of others. We should not underestimate them and the power of George Soros and Zucker Bucks to control the elections in New Mexico. We must be committed to working together to present a united front against these forces.

I’m running with three other statewide candidates for the NM Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. These courts have the power and the opportunity to dictate that judges impose bail on dangerous criminals, and to redefine how many of the criminal laws are applied. But we need your help to get elected in November. Please help us today.

Thank you for your support!

Kerry J Morris

Candidate for the

New Mexico Supreme Court, Position 2